Hi First Years,

Hope you are all keeping well and doing lots of reading ;)

I see that some of you are still doing your AR quizzes - well done! Keep it up.

For those of you who haven’t been - if you’ve finished your library books click here to do your quiz now (if you still remember book clearly).  

If not re-read it and then do the quiz 

There is another platform for eBooks and audiobooks available for FREE at the moment MyON and (unlike Sora), most of the books have AR quizzes available on them. Over the coming month I’d like all first years to become familiar with this website by taking part in a #STAYHOME Reading challenge.


1st Year

#STAYHOME Reading Challenge

Read a book from each of the

following categories

First Year Challenge: To familiarise yourselves with MyON, another website where you can read online books, and to do AR quizzes on at least one book from each category.

  • Go to the following website MyON (https://readon.myon.co.uk/library/browse.html)
  • Choose a book from one of the following categories : Sport, Technology, Animals, Young Adult, Hobbies, Outer Space, Mystery, Education
  • First double check that there is an AR quiz on your book by hovering over its picture and clicking on the information button (i) This will tell you B.L. and points.
  • Read it 
  • Log in to your Accelerated Reader & Do a quiz on it (login- 1stletter of your first name & 1st 4 letters of surname, abc)
  • Go back to MyON website - type the in next category into the search box & choose a book, do quiz etc.
  • Do your AR quiz after each book instead of at the end.
  • There are lots of quite short books 30 -50 pages so you should get them all done in a few hours!


There is also a lot of new books available and a lot of multi- access copies which can be read by lots of students at once - so no queues. Also for the whole month of April the 1st Harry Potter book is available to everyone - in several languages and on audiobook. If you haven’t read it try listening to it, Stephen Fry does an amazing job of reading it aloud!!

The is also a JCSP Libraries website where you can find a list of free resources for distance learning for students with lots of activities for your younger brothers and sisters too. Access it here: https://jcsplibraries.com/free-resources/

Please follow @LarkinLibrary2020 on Instagram for daily activities/events /author readings happening or on follow us on Twitter @larkincclib


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