Hi 1st and 2nd Years,

Hope you are all keeping well and staying safe and reading lots ;)

I see that some of you are still doing your AR quizzes - well done! Keep it up.

Over the coming month all 1st and 2nd years will be taking part in our Annual Reading Challenge


All 1st and 2nd years

6 Week Reading Challenge

Starting January 21st & finishing on March 4th

  • Each student has been assigned an individual points target based on their Book Level and 20 minutes per day reading.
  • To earn point students must read any book with an AR Quiz & complete the quiz

These can be

  • audiobooks or ebooks from Sora
  • your library books, class novels or a book from home or online
  • picture books which you read to younger brothers and sisters e.g. The Gruffalo

Jenny, Michelle or Ms Neill will check in with classes and your tutors/ Year Head each week.

We’ll do a weekly shoutout to those working hard on the JCSP Teams page and social media

Follow us on Instagram @larkinlibrary2021 for regular book recommendations.

Students who work hard will receive prizes, certificates and JCSP postcards posted home.



Click here to do your quiz now (if you remember your book clearly).

If not re-read it or choose another and then do the quiz

JCSP Digital Library on Sora

  • If checking a book out for The Reading Challenge on Sora, first double check that there is an AR quiz on your book by clicking here or going to the AR Book Finder link at the bottom of each page on the school website. This will tell you B.L. and points.
  • Read it
  • Log in to your Accelerated Reader & Do a quiz on it (login- 1stletter of your first name & 1st 4 letters of surname, abc)
  • Do your AR quiz after each book while it is fresh in your head.


There is also a lot of new books available and a lot of multi- access copies which can be read by lots of students at once - so no queues. The Harry Potter book is available to everyone - in several languages and on audiobook. If you haven’t read it try listening to it, Stephen Fry does an amazing job of reading it aloud!!

The is also a JCSP Libraries website where you can find a list of free resources for distance learning for students with lots of activities for your younger brothers and sisters too. Access it here: https://jcsplibraries.com/free-resources/

Please follow @LarkinLibrary2020 on Instagram for daily activities/events /author readings happening or on follow us on Twitter @larkincclib



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