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Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) is taught to all Junior Certificate students. It aims to help students become actively involved in their community, their country and the wider world.

The seven concepts of C.S.P.E are Rights and Responsibilities, Human Dignity, Stewardship, Development, Democracy, Law and Interdependence.

C.S.P.E, under the new Junior Cycle, will come under the umbrella of ‘Wellbeing’ .

Assessment is divided between an action project report and a final state exam. 

The action project report is worth 60% of the student’s overall grade. Students complete a project, in coordination with their teacher, related to one of the seven concepts of C.S.P.E. Once completed, students reflect on their experience and learning in the action report. 

The final state exam is worth 40% of the student’s grade.