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Music is offered in Larkin Community College at all levels in Junior and Senior cycles.

The Music course comprises three strands: performing, composing and listening and responding.

Teaching and learning activities include these three strands and thus enable the students to participate in music making activities, to acquire musical skills and knowledge,  to develop an understanding and appreciation of many different music genres and of how music impacts on different cultures.

With music, students can immerse themselves intellectually, emotionally, physically and kinaesthetically in the learning experience. Music performance and composition are collaborative and interpersonal activities, where social skills are developed through the sharing of ideas, skills, or instruments.

Through engaging with performing activities and creative endeavours, students are learning to express themselves using musical language and non-verbal means of communication; elements that are central components of the leaving certificate syllabus.

Junior cycle music exposes students to classroom activities that encourage collaboration, creativity, innovation and communication, all of which feature as part of the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP).  
In the Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) programme, students are offered a selection of modules to choose from that include types of music, world music, music in the community, music of Ireland, music and the media and the music industry.

In each of these modules and assessments, students use skills that they develop through junior cycle, namely appraising, developing ideas, making contextual references, and reflection and evaluation.

Music Scholarship Letter