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Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) is a subject where you can take part in and learn about physical activities. You learn about how important keeping fit is for the health of your body and mind. In some activities you work on your own and in others you work with your classmates as part of a team.

What will I learn in PE?

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • how to take part in many activities, from reading maps in orienteering to doing gymnastics with a partner
  • how to be part of a team, but also fun activities you can do on your own
  • why physical activity is good for you

How will I learn Physical Education in school?

Some of the activities you may do with your teacher and classmates are:

  • adventure activities
  • aquatics (swimming)
  • athletics
  • dance and gymnastics
  • games

In these, you may be asked to:

  • work on your own, in pairs, or in groups
  • show your classmates, or sometimes show on video what you can do well
  • complete handouts, question sheets and record sheets

Some things that will help you learn in class are:

  • be willing to take part in every class and activity
  • have proper clothing and footwear
  • ask questions or ask for help
  • keep a neat file of your notes or handouts

In Leaving Certificate physical education there are 6 physical activity areas:

  • Adventure activities
  • Artistic and aesthetic activities
  • Athletics
  • Aquatics
  • games
  • Personal excercise and fitness

In each physical activity, learners aim to

  • develop the standard of their performance in the three selected physical activities
  • be creative in their personal performance as an individual performer and/or as a member of a team/group
  • be consistent in the quality of their performance

As learners improve their overall performance in the selected physical activities, they should be able to demonstrate quality performance in a broad range of skills and techniques outlined for the different activities.