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Welcome to our Student Spotlight area. We have many talented students in our school so we decided to dedicate this part of our website to telling you all about the talents/achievements of some of these students.


Student Spotlight - Zlata Artemjeva

Congrats to Zlata Artemjeva who was selected as the Larkin Community College Student of the Year for 2024. 

Zlata is an exceptional team player - no task is too much, no deadline too late. She always rises to the occasion with a smile on her face - an individual who is a real 'doer.' Not for praise or titles or even credits, she takes on the role for the good of the team, asking for nothing in return. She is kind, caring and compassionate with a strong sense of social justice. Her desire is to see everyone succeed - this is the hallmark of a true future leader. 


Zlata treats their academic studies equally as seriously, striving to achieve her best in classroom. Zlata excelled in her TY  P-Tech internship and was earmarked by the professionals overseeing the programme, as being “one to watch.' Proven by Zlata received the overall PTECH award at the recent graduation in NCI.

Zlata has volunteered in numerous ways in her six years in Larkin, whether that be in the library, helping with the rollout of laptops to first years, translating for students with English as an additional language or as a relationship keeper.

Zlata has always been an active member of the Arts programme whether on stage or behind the scenes earning TY Arts student of the year.

It has been wonderful working with and getting to know Zlata. She has an extremely bright future ahead of her.



Student Spotlight - Ava Henry

We are extremely proud of our 6th year student Ava Henry, who has had an amazing boxing career thus far. Ava is a 6th year student taking part in the LCA programme. She has excelled in school and is popular amongst her  peers and teachers. Ava is an athlete across a number of disciplines. She is a European medal winning boxer and has also captained her local football team. Ava first began boxing at the age of 9 when she attended a boxing session in Glin boxing club to help with her fitness, since then she hasn’t looked back!

The emerging lightweight talent, who is a seven-time Irish champion and won silver in the European Schools Championships in 2019, has been on an upward trajectory since then! In September 2022 Ava was named captain of the Team Ireland squad contesting the European Junior Championships in Montesilvano, Italy. She was a fantastic representative and ambassador for Ireland in the Junior European Championships, especially with her win early on in the competition over the Czech Republic. Ava made it to the European Junior Championship where she was named captain of team Ireland! In the semi-finals she took on Italy! The entire school watched on as we lived streamed the fight into every classroom! Ava was crowned European Junior Champions lightweight gold medallist after defeating Poland in a hard fought victory, in which she came from behind to secure the title.

Ava has stayed true to her humble roots, where she ran a half marathon in July 2020 raising money for Jigsaw, a youth mental health charity. It was an amazing achievement for 6th year Ava on receiving the award of “Boxer of the Tournament” in Assissi at a multi nations tournament over St. Patrick’s weekend 2023. Whilst also becoming a 5 Nations Champion along with picking up a light-weight gold medal! Ava also won a Garda Youth Award in July 2023 for her contributions to her local community through her club, Dublin Docklands Boxing Club.

Ava started 2024 on the crest of a wave, as she won gold at the World Junior Championship final in January as she took the welterweight crown in the second round. Ava has cemented her status as one of boxing’s biggest rising stars!

Ava will also travel to Croatia in April to fight in the European Championships for team Ireland! We are all so proud of you Ava and know that you have a very bright future ahead of you!

Student Spotlight - Student of the Year 2023 - Declan Curtin

Determined and hard working are the two traits that all teachers used to describe Declan. This is particularly significant as In Junior Cycle Declan was not really engaged in school, he would tell you himself that he often contemplated leaving. But he is wise beyond his years (the words of a fellow student)- and he just needed to find his niche. The LCA program turned on a light in Declan and he became a dedicated student, supportive of his teachers and class mates and a role model for how to get things done to the best of your ability. He threw himself into every subject but particularly wood work and his skill is enviable. He now wants to study and work in this area. He has an exciting and creative future ahead. It has been a pleasure Declan. Congratulations on your nomination, wishing you the very best of luck as you embark on the next chapter.


Student Spotlight - Student of the Year 2022 - Eric Martin

Eric came into Larkin all the way from Finglas South! He was an enthusiastic 1st year, willing to participate in sport and work hard with his academic subjects. He started through the Football Scholarship programme, developing his skills and progressing each year. Eric gave 100% to all sports including soccer, gaelic, cross-country, rock climbing, badminton, basketball, swimming and of course the very important athletics, winning many gold medals in all physical activities.

Eric has a very positive attitude and is a role model to all students around him, especially the younger boys and girls in Larkin. Throughout his time with us, Eric watched out for the little guy, taking the time to include all in what was going on. He has demonstrated leadership skills time and again by stepping up and volunteering for activities in and out of school. He has MCd school events and spoken at meetings with partners who work with the school. Eric is an exceptionally polite, unassuming student, who will do whatever he is asked in class, contributing to class discussions and helping to create a positive class environment. He is a sociable and kind student who shows great respect for his classmates and teachers and is always willing to give a hand. This kindness and gentle manner were noted by those he worked with in the Mater Hospital on his TY work placement. They said he had an excellent demeanour with patients. He makes a big impression on everyone he meets. Your teachers have said that it would be a privilege to work with you as a teaching colleague one day. Your empathy and work ethic will take you wherever you want to go in life. Dream big Eric and congratulations on your nomination.

Student Spotlight February 2020 - Jake Redmond

Jake Redmond, from Co. Dublin has been recognised as one of 20 exceptional young people from across Ireland, who have been chosen as some of the country’s most outstanding youth volunteers, working to make a positive impact on their local communities.

A Sixth-Year student at Larkin Community College, Jake is a dedicated Peer Educator with Jigsaw youth mental health service, helping teenagers between the ages of 12 to 19 years with their mental health difficulties. For several years he has taken part in events to raise awareness and funds for charities such as Pieta House, Localise and the Peter McVerry Trust.

A member of an advisory group for a government led citizens assembly, on the reform of education, Jake worked with educators and policy makers to give young people a voice and a say in their education that was then brought to the attention of the Minister for Education.

Passionate about education, Jake went on to train for two days in the National College of Ireland to become a Relationship Keeper that taught him how to help young students entering secondary school cope with the change and get the best out of the school environment.

Enthusiastic about a variety of issues, Jake actively volunteers during annual school Open Days, local festivals, climate change protests to Leinster House and with local primary schools.

The top 20 local students were revealed as Pramerica announced its top 20 finalists for the 2020 Spirit of Community Awards, the only all-Ireland youth initiative of its kind that rewards post-primary students for their exemplary acts of volunteerism.

Passionate about a range of topics including homelessness, mental health, disabled rights, climate change, animal cruelty plus many more, the 20 finalists will gather for this year’s awards which will take place at Titanic, Belfast on Tuesday 31st March. Each finalist will receive an impressive €500 to donate to their preferred charity and are in the running to win a once in a lifetime trip across the globe to Washington, D.C.

The programme, which is run in partnership with the National Association of Principals & Deputy Principals (NAPD) and the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI), is one of Ireland’s largest youth recognition programmes, this year’s awards received a remarkable 250 applications from across Ireland.

Naomi Hegarty, vice president, Risk Management, Pramerica Systems Ireland is overwhelmed with the selfless work being carried out by young people across Ireland.

“Year upon year I continue to be humbled by the incredible volunteer work carried out by young people in towns and villages across Ireland. The 20 finalists selected as part of this year’s awards programme are proudly taking a stand for what they believe in and actively empowering others to do the same. Our awards programme celebrates these passionate and dedicated young people and aims to give them the recognition and voice they truly deserve.

“At Pramerica we are committed to supporting youth volunteers and understand that even the smallest of contributions can make a big difference to those who are in need and vulnerable. In sacrificing their spare time to give back to their community, these young people are showing that they genuinely care, and we want to make sure that their selfless good deeds don’t go unnoticed. We cannot wait to welcome all of the chosen finalists to the awards ceremony in Titanic, Belfast on 31st March of this year.”


Student of the year May 2019 - Chloe Mulhall

Chloe is a wonderful, warm and witty student. She has a great sense of justice and is always on the right side of keeping the show moving. She has always been dedicated to her studies and to her life in Larkin. She completes her work to the highest standard. She regularly takes on extra work because she loves learning. Chloe generously shares her time with her friends and classmates.

Chloe has been a consistent helper at the Breakfast Club. She volunteered throughout her time with us. She was always reliable and trustworthy. She won an award from the Gardai for her contribution to volunteering.

Chloe had absolutely no interest in Physical Education. However being the student she is, she always made sure she had her gear in every class. Chloe managed to find a passion upstairs in the Gym. Thank God for the Gym!                                             

Chloe hopes to study Law and specialise in Family Law. It will be a lucky family that has her defend them. We wish her every success and congratulate her on being nominated for the prestigious Larkin Perpetual Trophy. 

Student of the year May 2018 - Matylda Gruszewska

Matylda Gruszewska: is an amazing student who is a pleasure to teach. She is a very determined and focused young lady and has a bright future ahead of her. Matilda sets a really good example for the rest of her peers. Hard working and dedicated, Matylda was a true leader during her three years on the Arts Scholarship. Matylda applied herself to the Farm project with Airfield trust in Dundrum with great dedication and gusto. She proved herself to be a great addition to the Airfield team, continuing to work with them long after her placement and representing her school like a true ambassador.

Matylda is kind to everyone she interacts with and it has been a real honour to be part of her growth through her time in Larkin Community College. Matylda is a very caring and resilient student and has been a great support to her peers throughout her time here. She is very obliging and reliable and can be depended to any task that is set for her. She is a member of the Larkin Scholars Programme and really embraced it throughout her two years on it. She is very creative, independent and mature. She has a high level of emotional intelligence and self awareness which has allowed her to avail of supports within her school community. She is a role model for other students in this respect. 

Matylda has always been willing to give up her free time to help with the basketball programme in Larkin. She participated in the official basketball Ireland table Officials course and gave up her time freely to keep a record of scores at all ages. She always acted in a dignified and respectful manner with visiting coaches and referees complementing her on her proficiency. Matylda also represented Larkin in many CDETB finals while also helping in the running of the qualifying events for the ETB basketball competitions. Matylda is a fantastic young adult and is destined for great things. Congratulations to Matylda for winning Student of the year 2018.



October 2017 - Eddie Towell

Eddie Towell is a 6th year student. Over the past number of years Eddie has been involved in a project with his youth club “Just Ask D7” where a number of members go to Morocco and work with street children.

In order to go on the trips they had to do interviews and fundraise the costs. Eddie organised a number of fundraisers in school as well as a number of community projects with the club such as cleaning up the local school playgrounds.

While out in Morocco Eddie was involved in repairing the youth centre, providing new equipment as well as clothes and shoes for the children, bringing them on day trips, organising activities and games for the children during the day.

In the summer months Eddie is involved in voluntary work with his youth club organising summer camps with local children in the Dublin 7 area as well as helping to clean up local parks.

Eddie also played football for the school and is always willing to give a helping hand to teachers and fellow students.

The work with his youth club has had a huge impact on Eddie 
“The impact this Morocco trip has on me is that I understand how much I really have in life and that I should be grateful for who and what I have, it also showed me what career I want in the future and that career is youth work. It changed my views of what I have in life”]

Eddie is an example of a student who is contributing positively not only to his local community but also disadvantaged communities in Africa.

May - Morgan Rafferty (update - Student of the year 2017)

Morgan is our third student under the "Spotlight". Have a look at what she has achieved.

European Parliament 2017 – One of 24 LCA students from all over the country who won the Micheal Sweetman Trust competition, based on their Social Education tasks. She represented Ireland at Euroscola in Strasbourg where she debated social subjects in the European Parliament.

Gaisce Medals - achieved a bronze and silver. 

President's speech - delivered the President's speech at an awards night in Farmleigh House in December 2016 and chosen to volunteer at the annual President's tea party in Áras an Uachtaráin where she met President Michael D Higgins.

Junk couture in the 3 Arena - won best performance. Her costume which was made from recycled material, tobacco packets, collected from people in the community and picked up from litter in the local area took her 3 months to make. Finalist in 2017. (See Photo Galleries Below)

Public Speaking - In 2015 addressed the Cyber Bullying Conference in Dublin Castle and also spoke on radio and in the Mansion house in Dublin about Dyslexia and the Arts.

Larkin Scholar Programme (Sponsored by the Lions Club) - one of 12 students in Larkin College to be picked to be mentored by staff in Irish Life. Her mentor gave her great advice and loads of contacts when applying for work experience and also helped with preparation for job interviews.

SCC Art competition - won overall SCC Art competition in 2015 with Junk Kouture costume and received a bursary prize of €500 towards art supplies.

Work experience placements - with Localise and the Irish Wheelchair Association. “I hope to go on and be a Localise volunteer in the future.”

“When I leave Larkin College I will look back on my time in school with gratitude for the experiences I have gained which will hopefully set me on the path to college and enable me to give back something to society. I have been given many opportunities in Larkin College for which I am very grateful.”       Morgan

Update - Morgan won a number of prizes on awards day on 1st of June but the most prestigious one was "The student the year". She had the privilege of being presented this by James Larkin's granddaughter Stella McConnon. Well done Morgan!


April 2017- Jessica Ziu - Irish Soccer Team

Jessica is an excellent student with exceptional academic and sporting achievements. Jessica first started in Larkin on our football scholarship programme travelling in from Finglas. As a young girl she took an interest in football and played with the boys. When she was 12 she joined Shelbourne FC. Jessica’s football skills have developed incredibly over the years resulting in her being picked to play for the Leinster U/15 squad at the age of 12. Jessica continued her success by being promoted from the Leinster football squad on to the Irish International team at only 14 and now at the age of 15 she continues to play for Ireland.

Recently, Jessica won the Irish league with her club, Shelbourne girls, and she scored the winning goal.

Over the Easter holidays Jessica played for Ireland, representing Larkin CC, against England, Scotland and Wales. 

Jessica is also on the Larkin girls U/15 and U/17 school team, to date she has played in Leinster Cup and League finals with the school. 

Football is only one of Jessica’s many talents; she represents the school in a range of sporting activities such as, Badminton, Basketball, Gaelic Football, Rock Climbing, Cross Country and Athletics. 

UPDATE: Today, 27/04/17, Jessica is flying to Prague to take part in the  UEFA European Championships with the u/17 national team. They will face England, Netherlands and Norway in Group B, with the eight best teams in Europe competing in the finals competition.

Check out FAI Website



March 2017 - Alexandru(Alex) Rusu

The first student we would like to tell you about is Alexandru(Alex) Rusu. Alex is a fine young man in second year who is liked by all who know him. He does many great things in his life but he would like us to just focus on his art.

At the age of ten Alex liked drawing but, as he says himself, when he went to draw people all he could do was match stick men. His mother thought it was time for him to learn to draw a bit better so she enrolled him in some basic level art classes. This was a major turning point in his life as he developed a love for doing various forms of drawing and painting. He studies art for the Junior Cert and is now doing advanced art classes every weekend. 

Alex is now fourteen so it is only four years since his first basic art class. Click onto the three galleries below to see a sample of the work he has done. 

Well done Alex. We are all proud of you.