Student Voice in Larkin Community College 

In Larkin Community College we encourage the Student Voice to play an active role in many of the day to day issues that arise in the school. Student Voice provides an opportunity for students to engage in a structured partnership with teachers, parents and school managers in the operation of their school and more than ever build a constructive relationship.  

Student Voice can create a sense of ownership of the school and its activities among the student population. In LCC we believe allowing student voice to be a part of our school community gives students an opportunity to acquire the sort of communication, planning and organisational skills which will be of benefit to them in their future lives.  

Student Voice is engaged in the classroom when discussing topics and the method in which they are learning. This voice provides the teacher with an insight into how students are progressing, how teachers can improve and also provides for an active and engaging classroom. 

Outside of the classroom the Student Voice is encouraged to “have a say” and an input in to issues that affect them as integral members of the Larkin Community College community. Students are selected randomly from across all year groups. The selected student group will comprise of students from different ages and stages of their education and will represent the whole student body in the school. On behalf of the student body, they voice their opinions, issues and concerns to the relevant teachers and school management. This dialogue empowers the students allowing them to truly have a voice informing the direction of the development of their educational environment and school ethos.  

At Larkin Community College, we encourage our students to be leaders and provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills so they can go on to make a difference in their communities.  

In LCC we aim to improve Student Voice using a variety of practices and techniques to allow students’ express ideas and perceptions about school and their educational experience.  

Student voice at Larkin Community College aims to facilitate students to have a say in their education.  

In this way students can: 

  • Contribute to an understanding of what works and does not work in practice and inform decision-making 
  • Develop a greater sense of ownership about learning and participation which leads to academic improvements and social development 

  • Increase their sense of empowerment and purpose and therefore increase motivation, self-esteem and resilience 

  • Contribute actively to a positive school culture. 

At Larkin Community College Student Voice will be supported through: 

  • School wide consultation sessions - meeting the selected student representatives once a month to allow discussion on issues that affect the students.  

  • To listen, explore and agree solutions to issues/concerns that students feel need to improve and support the efficient running of the school for all students. 

  • Feedback sessions in classroom and at tutor group and year group level.