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Library News From Week Beginning December 4th 2017 (47)

Dave's Jungle

Dave’s Jungle returned to Larkin Library as part of our Christmas Celebration. Dave was full of interesting information and the animals were (for the most part) very well behaved.  The students were able to touch and hold the reptiles and insects and they asked plenty of questions.  A section of books about lizards, snakes, tarantulas, scorpions and other exotic creatures is on display in the library for anyone interested in learning more about our visitors.

Season’s Readings

Thanks to Ms Neill’s 2nd years for making a great start on decorating JCSP Library for Christmas. Thanks also to Stefan and Skye for adding the finishing touches to both Christmas trees. Thanks to Tatiana for making a fantastic wreath and lots of lovely snowmen  for us and to Diane for decorating them. Well done to Mark, Alex and Andrei for making a great book snowman. Also a special thank you to Shanice and Kirstyn for a helping hand to pull it all together.