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Friendship Week 2020 (40)

Random Act of Kindness Wheel

This week marked 'Friendship Week' and to highlight the importance of kindness and looking out for each other, the 'Acts of Kindness Wheel' took pride and place in the front hall! Students were encouraged to spin the wheel on a daily basis to discover what act of kindness they should perform that day!

TY Students Deliver Lesson To First Years on Friendship

A huge thank you to our fabulous 4th years; Skye, Zuzanna, Nadia and Shauna who delivered their fantastic presentation on the theme of friendship to 101,102 and 103 today! The girls kept the attention of all groups for the full three 40 mins class periods- which is no easy feat! 
The TYs spent the last couple of weeks preparing their lesson and it was clear that all the careful planing and preparation paid off! Well done guys! 

1st years were delighted with their clear and concise delivery, their open discussion on what makes a true friend, as well as the interactive games based on friendship which finished off the class nicely! Girls, us teachers may have to go to you for tips on your style of lesson plans! A truly enjoyable class period from start to finish... Well done to the presenters and TY students involved in planning  such a great lesson! 

The booklets the first years made on what makes a good friend were then hung on the friendship tree in the library! Be sure to pop in and have a look!! 

Arts Students Make Friendship Week Video

Today during tutor time all year groups were shown this year's 'Friendship Week 2020' video!
The clip serves to showcase all the qualities we look for in a good friend and the traits that make us stick with them... the good and the bad!


Positive Quotes

On Thursday the TY Ambassador Team greeted all staff and students with a Good Morning and a positive quote! What a lovely way to start the day! Well done guys!

Online Safety Talk

On Friday Graham Mulhern from Besecureonline came in to talk to all year groups and parents about the importance of styaing safe online. He highlighted the importance of keeping your accounts private and the unplesant consequences of social media.