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JCSP Graduation - Class of 2019 (40)

Huge thanks to everyone who came along to support our JCSP Graduation for the Junior Cert Class of 2019. We had a wonderful turnout!

Our third years are a very talented group with a very bright future! 

Well done to the students who got nominated for JCSP Student of the Year.

The nominees were:

Anamaria Nita

Shauna O'Driscoll

Nadia Gourley

Eric Martin

Moyin Olosuna

Diane Hirisovenca

Sunna Begum

Congratulations to Eric Martin who won JCSP Student of the Year for 2019.

Thanks to the library for hosting the event and to all the teachers and parents who came along to support it.

We wish all of our third years the very best of luck as they begin their journey into senior cycle.