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Junior Arts Project 2021 (17)

Fantastic class today with our 2nd year Arts group, who are now really getting to grips with this year's original play which we have based around much loved fairy tale characters and the LGBTQI+ Community! We will be holding auditions for parts after the Christmas holidays and rehearsals will then begin!

Here's some of our 2nd years doing a read through today - great work guys

Introduction and Research

A massive thank you to Eli and Alder from Shoutout who zoomed into our 2nd year Arts group  to advise us on our upcoming original script which we hope to perform in the new year! This year's Arts theme focuses on LGBTQI+ issues and aims to raise awareness of their open &welcoming community. Eli and Alder were so helpful in informing our group about how to make our script as inclusive as possible! We can't wait to work with them again soon!

Rehearsals Jan 2022

Well done to our 1st and 2nd year Arts crew today who are making great progress in developing their acting skills and confidence levels whilst rehearsing for our upcoming Arts production! There is great talent emerging within the classes and we're excited to see where this original Arts piece will go over the coming weeks! 
Our as of yet untitled play serves to give a voice to the LBGTQI+ Community! 
A Big thanks to TYs Karl, Alicja, Arianna and Pavel who helped lead our 1st year group.
Keep an eye out for audition details next week!