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LCA News October 2021 (9)

Our 502 and 602 students have been very busy this term! Some have started working on tasks and others are working through key assignments with their teachers!

Our 6th year LCA class were doing a warm up activity this before getting into their projects for The Big ldea initiative. They are working on 2 projects. One is aiming to tackle micro aggressions in racism and the second project is to encourage people to be more active and improve their physical and mental health  Looking forward to following their journey and seeing their finished work!

They also spent their vprep class picking up litter around the school as part of their key assignments! Thanks so much guys! Well done to you all!

Thanks to class 502 for brightening up the corridors with some great posters outlining what modules they are studying. They will be so useful for students to read through when making programme choices! Great work guys!