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Library News From Week Beginning 25th of March 2019 (18)

DEAR Launch

Drop Everything and Read 2019 was launched in Larkin Community College Library on Wednesday afternoon.This initiative highlights the importance of literacy and reading for pleasure. On April 12th at 12 noon, everyone stops what they are doing, that can mean logging off the computer, putting away the phone, turning off the tv to focus on some reading for twenty minutes.  
Some of our students were photographed posing in the DEAR frames.

We had a Teen-Turn stand in the atrium during lunchtime on Friday for girls who are interested in doing a two week technology internship during the summer. Any girls who were considering applying had the opportunity to speak to past participants before collecting their application forms.
See more information here
Any other students who are interested in applying please come and speak to Jenny to get an application form.

Rod Smith with Creative Writers 
Author Rod Smith volunteered his time again on Friday to work with our Creative Writing group. Individual students read their work aloud and will upload it to Edmodo for feedback from Rod.