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Library News Week Beginning 11th of December (24)

Books for Christmas

We decided that one of our JCSP Family Literacy initiatives this year would be to target JCSP students with younger brothers or sisters. We gathered a list of the siblings, their ages and interests. Jenny and Ms Neill did a book buy based on this information. Junior students came to the Library on Friday 15th December to choose a suitable book that they would be willing to read with their sibling. They wrapped their books and made labels for their gifts. We have put these under our Christmas tree and students will bring them home next week.

Book Upcycling

Two of our second years created some amazing Christmas decorations out of old books. 

They spent a lot of time cutting up and gluing old books to make some very striking decorations for our school library.

Christmas Coffee Morning

Christmas coffee morning for 1st and 2nd year students who did well at Accelerated Reader.

Creative Writing Group

Author Rod Smith met with our Creative Writing group during lunchtime on Friday. Their assignment had been to write the first paragraph of a story. Approximately half of the students read theirs aloud and received very useful feedback from the rest of the group. Those who did not want to read theirs aloud will upload their piece to Edmodo.