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Library News Week Beginning 16th of April (11)

Teen Turn

Teen-Turn Technology Internship Opportunity

15 girls from Larkin were selected to take part in a two week summer internship programme with Teen-Turn last summer. It is great work experience and will look great on your CV. The girls wrote a daily blog about their experiences and each were assigned a mentor who tried to help develop their interests in STEM subjects and several have been invited back for Work Experince. 

Some of the companies that they were placed with included: BT, Davy, ebay, HEAnet, Jazz Pharma, Novartis, Pivotal, Primark, Rockall Tech and Zalando.

If you would like to participate this summer or have any questions please speak to Jenny or come to our information session on Thursday at 10.50. Or speak to the students who participated last year :  Alannah, Taylor, Caitlin, Ali, Chloe, Cody, Paulina, Kirstyn, Shanice, Sonia, Tinu, Rose, Greta, Zion and Jaya.

Teen-Turn presentation in Larkin Library. 

Almost 30 girls who are interested in doing a two week #technology #internship turned up during break-time on Thursday to hear more about the programme https://teen-turn.com/program/

Any students who are interested please come and speak to Jenny to get an application form

Internet Safety Talk

Graham Mulhern of BeSecureOnline came into the library on Monday to give a talk to students about internet and social media.