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Library News Week Beginning 30th of April 2018 (12)

Creative Writing Group

Our Creative Writing group had their final meeting of the year with author Rod Smith at lunchtime on Thursday. The final session ended with a Literary Quiz & winning teams were presented with copies of Rod’s latest book on Oliver Cromwell (in which our Creative Writing group is thanked in the Acknowledgments).

We thank Rod for volunteering in Larkin and look forward to his returning to work with us in September.

Spanish Morning in the Library

We held a Spanish morning in the Library on Friday with Ms Kavanagh’s 1st Years. We had 5 stations and each group of students spent 10 minutes at each station.  The different activities included Bingo, Profile creation and blank maps of countries which speak Spanish but the  most popular was the Leche Chocolate & Galletas – Chocolate milk and cookies. We played Spanish music in the background and the event was a lovely opportunity to chat with students about their experience of learning Spanish for the first time. Ms Higgins, one of the Italian teachers was also helping out and has asked it we can hold an Italian morning next Friday so we are looking forward to this.