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Localise Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2017 (20)

CSPE class 101 with Ms O'Reilly became Localise students this term, when they undertook a 10 week Service Learning Programme in partnership with TCD. Students learnt skills connected with Community Development. They did research on issues that affect their communities  and planned a homeless gift appeal for our local Simon housing shelter.

Volunteers from TCD and the local community (thank you Bernie) helped students to collect gifts and supplies from students, parents and staff from Larkin. Class 101 with Localise and some Senior students delivered 31 sacks full of Christmas presents. Calvin, Bradley and Tidgh played Santa and the Elvs! The Simon residents were grateful and touched by the kindness of all. Students would like to thank everyone who helped out to make the event a memorable one. A huge thank you to Derek and the team at Localise. Enjoy Mandy O'Neill's beautiful visual record of the day. Happy Larkin Localise Christmas to all!