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P-Tech Visit to IBM X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Centre (50)

On Tuesday four first year students who are taking part in the P-Tech programme visited IBM Technology Campus to see their unique cybersecurity training and simulation experience. They were one of the first to experience IBM's  X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Centre (C-TOC) in Ireland. 

This is a huge truck that is kitted out like no other truck!  It gave the students a taste of the type of work that cybersecurity professionals work at and has hopefully sparked some interest for them in the "hot skills" that they will be learning about through P-TECH.

C-TOC offers a unique experience that helps train security leaders, security operations teams, and leaders from across the business, in a pressure-filled environment that feels as if a breach were actually happening.

See video and find out more about the C-TOC 

Students had a really enjoyable morning at IBM and are really excited about what is to come.

Huge thanks to Deirdre Kennedy, Corporate Citizenship Manager and Paul Farrell, Managing Director of IBM in Ireland. for inviting us out and showing us around. Students were delighted to meet TD Jack Chambers.

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