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Paired Maths JCSP Initiative (52)

One of our JCSP initiatives for this year was paired Maths. We organised for students from Central Model primary school to come down and work with our third year and fourth year students on various maths actvities.

It was a great morning where our students got to experience being the teachers while the students from Central Model got to develop their numeracy and problem solving skills in our fabulous library!

Students were divided into groups of four, with two Larkin students and two students from Central Model working at a station for five minutes. After the buzzer went the Central Model students moved station.

This type of actvity is invaluable for primary school students as it helps them to build relationships with the students who are currently in the school and this can help the transition from primary to secondary school.

Thanks to Ms. Rafferty, Mr. Soffe, Jenny and the teachers from Central Model for facilitating this.