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Results of Interviews For LCA Students With Dalata Hotel Group (1)

Huge well done to all LCA students who recently interviewed with Dalata Hotel Group for a much coveted place on their work experience programme.

The hotel group were very impressed with the enthusaism and high standard of all students who interviewed for a place but unfortunatley there were only seven places available to each year group.

The follwoing is the list of successful candidates. Well done to you all, you should be very proud of yourselves.

You will receive a letter next week confirming your place and details of your placement.

5th Year Students

Leon Dowdall

Eoin Short

Kirsty Lindsay

Craig Cooney

Caityn Keogh

Jade Fagan

Devon Kennedy


6th Year Students

Nicole Brogan

Dominik Serafin

Jamie Wright

David Jones

Codie Fagan

Tia Ryan

Nicole Maher