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Senior Students View “This is a Blank Page” (10)

Today 6th year and TY students were fortunate enough to view Freshly Ground Theatre Company's wonderful online production 
'This is a Blank Page.' 
Last year,  Freshly Ground  contacted Larkin Leaving Certificate students to see would they be interested in being involved in an upcoming project which centred around the Leaving Cert Examination process and its effect on the young adults within its confines. 
Freshly Ground held online focus group meetings and workshops with the LC class of 2021 - the resulting discussion and overriding sentiments revealed during these conversations were then used to create a piece of verbatim theatre - I.e. there was no script devised, rather the students and teachers words formulated and informed all aspects of the dialogue. 
'This is a blank Page' is a hugely imaginative and startling production filled with unanswered questions and stark and unsettling metaphors of an imposed exam based system. The format used really makes any one who is about to or has gone through the LC experience really pause,  take stock and  truly assess its merits and pitfalls. 
It is a piece of theatre which both educators and students alike must watch! 
Congratulations to Freshly Ground Theatre Company on such a well informed, insightful production.
We wish you every success and hope that your message re education in Ireland will be heard loud and clear by the powers that be!