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Stand Up Week 2019 (37)

Huge thanks to all the staff and students who got together to plan this years Stand Up Week.

The library created a cosy rainbow corner with a great selection of LGBTI+ books for staff and students. They also hosted a "Dear You" exhibition by Allsorts LGBT Youth group on Thursday at lunchtime! This allowed students the opportunity to read through the cards on display as well as to write their own messages of support!

Thank you to Lisa Downes, facilitator of the LGBTI+ group in St. Andrew's Resource Centre for giving a very powerful talk to our students on Wednesday. Lisa discussed the "Dear Me" postcard campaign, currently being exhibited in Larkin Library and we explored setting up an LGBT+ group in the school.

Our TY Ambassador team were busy creating a wonderful display explaining LGBTI+ terminology as well as showcasing well known people and what they identify as. They also made a powerpoint presentation which was shown in our atrium for the week!

Thank you to Kate and Stephen from Shoutout who delivered a really informative workshop for all our TY students on Monday!! It was an interactive, dynamic and informative hour long session where the facilitators explored LGBTQ+ terminology, scenarios where students can act as good allies, and ways in which to create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ students.

They also shared their own stories, of coming out, or becoming allies themselves, and explained how some language and behaviour during their time in school could be hurtful, and when it was supportive.

Our staff got together and wrote notes of support on our Diversi-tree for students to read. This is located at the entrance of the college, so if you are in be sure to have a read!!

Finally on Friday students were greeted with a rainbow welcome  by the TY Ambassador team where every student got a rainbow lollypop and each year group were encouraged to wear rainbow accessories alongside their uniform!

Thank you to everyone who got involved and showed their support.