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Stand Up Week 2020 (17)

Stand Up Week took place in Larkin from the 16th to the 20th of November. 
Over the course of the week a variety of activities were held in the college to show our support against LGBTI+ Bullying!

JCSP Postcard and Bookmark Competition

We need new bookmarks and postcards for the library and JCSP. Students were asked to design a bookmark/postcard  to show support for their LGBT+ friends/ classmates! Entries are still being accepted so be sure to get yours in! 

TY LGBTIQ+ Noticeboard

Well done to Class 402 especially Ayah, Sheyma, Alfie and Trent for decorating our LGBTQI+ wall as part of Stand Up week! Looks amazing guys!
The wall features a definition of some key terms and also includes some famous LGBTQI+ celebrities! The class completed this as part of work this year for the Cycle Against Suicide Ambassador School Programme. 

First Year Library Kahoot

Every Friday first years are invited into the library at lunch time for a variety of activities! As part of Stand Up Week a LGBTI+ kahoot was held! Well to Edite, Michelle and Ava who were the winners of the quiz! 

TY Shoutout Workshop 

Huge thank you to Shoutout for facilitating an excellent virtual workshop for our TY students today as part of Standup Week. 
Students got to explore LGBTQ+ terminology & looked at ways of creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ students in our school!


SPHE and Well-being Classes

During the week teachers of SPHE and Wellbeing used some of the resources from the Belongto website as part of their lessons to help create an awareness of some of the issues facing our LGBTQI+ classmates and friends!