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Street Couture 2020 in Collaboration with State Street (21)

Well done to all our students who participated in the State Street Street Couture fundraiser in aid of the Ronald McDonald House.

Students designed and created outfits out of recycled items and performed at a virtual fashion show. Each outfit was sponsored by a different division in State Street and in doing so over €37,000 was raised for the Roanald McDonald House. 

It has been our pleasure to work in partnership with State Street. They have partnered with Larkin Community College over the past number of years. They have provided work experience for transition year students through the NEIC work experience programme and a number of their staff have volunteered to take part in the Transition Year Flash Mentoring Programme.We would like to say a special thank you to Anne Golden, Sandra Foley and Catherine Macklin from State Street for their time and effort not only for organising this event but in the opportunities they have provided for students in the school.

This has been a wonderful experience for the students in Larkin Community College. As a school we encourage community service among our students. We believe in “giving back”. We are proud that we have been able to support the raising of funds in aid of Ronald McDonald house - supporting families over Christmas. This experience has shown us that the giving of our time as young people can make a difference to others.

The event was shown to all students in the school on Friday and voting took place Friday afternoon for the school's top 3! 

Well done to the below students who were voted as the top 3 by the school:

1st Place: Once Upon a Culture - Mansi and Anastazija

2nd Place: Flower Bomb - Tony and Kelis

3rd Place - Candy Girl - Maya, Evsana and Rochelle

Below is a little snippet about the thought process behind each outfit:

1. BeleafPerformed by Sienna Lynch

                    Designers: Cameron Fitzgerald & Kyra Kinsella

Materials used: Netting, leaves and twigs

Concept: To create a natural look. As it was autumn it was easy to collect materials needed to create the look. We took leaves and covered them in PVA glue so that they would not rot. We then arranged them on the top and attached them to some areas on the skirt. We created a fairy feel to the costume. One that looks good, in a natural environment. We decided to create our video performance outside in the leaves and trees to help enhance the look of our costume. The name comes from the materials we used “Leaves” and it sends a message to young people to believe in themselves. 


2. The full deck – Performed by Chloe Robertson

                                Designers: Lexi Brady & Tori Teeling

Materials used: Old dress, decks of cards and paper

Concept: We used cards as we liked the colours and symbols on the cards. We thought that the cards would create a nice pattern with layers across the dress. This would create a fringe effect on the costume. Giving the costume a very 1920’s Charleston loo. We added paper to the sleeves to enhance the colour red in the costume. We chose the name of the costume “the full deck” as we used all the cards in each pack to create the overall look of the dress.


3. Shaped for fun – Performed and designed by Ilenia Coravu

Materials used: Old clothes and different coloured paper

Concept: I wanted to create a young and fun costume. I decided to take different coloured paper ad cut it into shapes. This would create a nice pattern across the outfit. I used hearts, squares, triangles and circles and arranged them across my costume. I decided to call the costume “shaped for fun” to show the shapes in the costume and to send a message to everyone to have fun and be young. 


4. Dressed to be different – Performed by - Alisha Rose Sammy

                                                   Designers: Skye Murtagh & Shauna O’Driscoll

Materials used: An old dress and paper manipulated in different ways.

Concept: We wanted to use our costume to share a positive message. One that sends a message to young people - that it is ok to be different and stand out in a crowd. We manipulated paper by folding and shredding the paper. This helped us to create interesting shapes, patterns and gave volume to the dress. We created and glued the initials BLM onto the mask. This is to show that everyone matters and we all need to look after each other. We used spray paint to add some colour and texture to the costume. We wanted the performance to have a positive attitude and our final message was to be different in life.


5. From Frozen to Fashion – Performed and designed by Evelyn Farmatu

Materials used: Netting, old T-shirt, fake flowers and paper

Concept: I wanted to create a nice flow and ease to my costume. I really liked the colours blue and pastel green. Cool colours. I created a net skirt and sleeves and added fake flowers to the neck of the t-shirt. I create a head piece using paper to help pick up the colours in my costume more. The overall look was very soft and flowing. The colours were cold. My costume was inspired by the Disney princesses from the film Frozen. I created my own modern and contemporary twist to the look. I called the costume “from frozen to fashion” to support the theme of the modern princess look.


6. Flower floral – Performed by Toni Corcoran

                                 Designed by Kelis Hogan

Materials used: Old dress, fake flowers and paper

Concept: We wanted to design and create a colourful and bright costume. We decided to use fake flower as we knew that real flowers would not last. This allowed us to add lots of colours to the costume. We cut paper into strips and curled the paper to create movement and texture to our costume. We loved how we got to film our video outside as it enhanced the costume and allowed the costume to have a more natural look. We love the use of flower bomb in today’s society to help improve and encourage our natural environments to grow more. This is where we got the inspiration for our costumes name.


7. Track and Trace – Performed by Brooklyn Rooney

                                      Designed by – Abbey Reid

Materials used: Old clothes and masks

Concept: We wanted to send a message of hope during these unprecedented times. We used masks as that is what we all need to wear at the minute due to Covid – 19. We can all feel fed up with the restrictions placed on us as a country. Our costume is a message of hope and how together we can win this together. We glue the masks to the clothes. This created interesting pattern and shape across the top and trousers. We also cut the ties from eth masks and used them to create fringing on the top. We called our costume Trach and trace as we felt that it suited our concept and it has been an important part of stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

8. Play Back – Performed by Michelle Strzala

                            Designed by: Madalina Popa & Ryan Zheng

Materials used: Old dress, paper and record vinyl’s

Concept: We wanted to create a 1090’s Charleston look. We shredded the paper and added it to the bottom part of the dress. This created texture, movement and a frill effect. We created a headpiece using an old vinyl record. We use two vinyl records f=to create a bag and added newspaper to complete the bag. The name “Play Back” is inspired by the use of the old vinyl records we used. The overall look works well and the movement in the skirt adds to the performance. 

9. Candy Girl – Performed by Maya Strzala

                             Designed by: Evsana Batkhu & Rochelle Raagas

Material used: Crisp and sweet wrappers. Wool baubles

Concept: This costume was about fun and colour. We wanted to use sweet and crisp packets as they are colourful and helped us to create a good shape to the bottom of the dress. We created a head piece and added colour to an old umbrella. This was created to help with the performance and create the idea of candy falling from the sky. We throw sweets in our video to help create this effect.  It is a fun and young costume that was inspired by our love of sweets and treats. 


10. Once apon a culture – Performed by Mansi Neerputh

                                                  Designed by Anastazija Stojakovic

Material use: Crisp packets, old material, old lace and glue and fabric paint.

Concept: This costume was created to send a message about arranged marriages. That females have a right to choose who they marry. Today arrange marriages continue to happen. This costume raises this issue in today’s world. We used crisp packets and old material that we shredded to add texture and pattern to the skirt. We used old lace and covered the intricate details of the lace with glue and painted the designs with blue and gold. The lace reminded us of the henna tattoos used in some cultures as part of the wedding ceremony. We used our performance to raise awareness of this issue also.

11. Under the Sea – Performed by Skye Tobin

                                   Designed by Ciaran Hayden

Material used: Old dress, plastic bottle, tin cans and plastic key rings.

Concept: We wanted to create a costume that highlighted the use of plastic and cans in the sea. Raising an awareness of the environmental issue,  that is causing the damage to our seas. We also wanted to create a costume that was fun and colourful. We painted the plastic bottles and tin cans and created a pattern of colour and shapes across the costume. 

We added plastic key rings and a colourful collar to create height to the back of the costume. The stripes of blue and white already on the old dress added to the theme of the sea. We called the costume “under the sea” as that is where most rubbish ends. 


12. Bohemian Floral – Performed and designed by Diane Hrisovescu

Materials used: Old clothes, netting, paint, old t-shirts

Concept: I wanted to create a festival look to my costume. One that young people would wear and feel free to enjoy music and the Arts. I cut up old T-shirts and weaved them together to create the top of the costume. The top can be worn on the top around your shoulders or around you’re your waist depending on the weather. I painted and added designs and words to the trousers. I also added some of the t-0shirts to the trousers and created fringing at the bottom. I added netting to the back to add a fun and youthful look to the costume. I wanted to show fun, energy and enthusiasm to my performance which would enhance the overall idea of my costume.