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U19 Girls Basketball Team Suffer Defeat to Rockford Manor (23)

Our superb under 19 girls basketball team suffered a devastating defeat in today’s Leinster Quarter final against competition favourites Rockford Manor. The performance, the passion, the pride and excitement needed to be witnessed to be believed. Each one of the girls gave it everything and trailing by 2 points with 4 seconds left we had one last chance to tie and two attempts just would not fall with Rockford then scoring one of their Free throws on the buzzer to close out a 47-44 defeat on the Larkin girls. Not an inch was given from either side throughout and the game was neck and neck from start to finish. Samantha Kerrigan stood up to give her finest performance of the season winning monumental defensive rebounds while adding 8 points to score board. Maja ran the point to great affect and her determination on the full court press lead to plenty of turnovers and scoring 5. Amran gave her all in a lung busting performance which saw her diving on any loose ball and standing up strong on defence and also adding 5. Rose Mesquita gave an outstanding display throughout with strong work on defence forcing many turnovers that she finished herself after some outstanding fast breaks, Rose added 12 points to the board.  And what more can we say about the ever outstanding Alicia Jadia who gave an MVP performance. Alicia was moved from pillar to post throughout playing every position on the court at some point as she gave everything to get the girls over the line. Alicia finished the game with 14. We are super proud of all your efforts for the year which began back in July in the school sports hall. Our under 16s are in action on Wednesday as they look to reach the leinster semi final. 

Thanks to Mandy O'Neill for the fantastic photos!