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Wellbeing Week 2021 (38)

Thank you to our Wellbeing team for putting together a host of activiies for Wellbeing Week. The month of October was Mental Health Month accross the NEIC and a team of teachers and students got together to see what they could do to highlight the importance of self care and wellbeing within the school community!

Thank you to Ms. Higgins for placng fresh flowers all around the school for staff and students to enjoy and to all the teachers who brought the theme of wellbeing and self care into their classes.

Green Ribbon

We were very lucky that www.seechange.ie sent us in a Green Ribbon for all staff and students to wear for the week. Huge thanks to them for doing this! The aim of the Green Ribbon Campaign is to raise awareness and help get people talking about mental health in order to end stigma and discrimination. By wearing it we as a school showed we are committed to positive change. 

Drop Everything and Walk

Each class group got time during their afternoon classes to go out and walk around in the fresh air. This was to highlight the importance of keeping active when looking after our mental health. According to the HSE exercise releases chemicals in our brain (endorphins) that has a positive effect on our mood and our body.

A Mindfulness - Being Kind to You PPT

Each tutor during tutor time completed a mindfulness exercise with their class group. They also highlighted ways for students to be kind to themselves and to each other.

A mindfulness meditation wwas also delivered in Spanish and Italian classes throughout the week

Positive Postcards

 The JCSP Team gave some postcards to all staff members to send out to students to highlight what they were doing well and to thank them for their efforts! 

Music at lunchtime

Each lunchtime music was played in the atrium while students ate their lunch. Listening to music is another way of boosting our wellbeing.  

Launch of Wellbeing Chest 

A wellbeing chest was launched where students can be nominated each week to receive a prize from the chest.

Love Hearts

Our TY Relationship Keepers gave out love hearts at the end of school on Wednesday to all staff and students! 

Wellbeing Classes

A powerpoint on wellbeing and self care was created and presented to all students in SPHE class. Our second years created a fantastic dance video which we shared on our social media platforms!

TY Peer Ed Class

The TY Peer Ed Class attached positive quotes to eucalyptus branches for every classroom in the school!

Wellbeing Padlet

A wellbeing padlet was sent to all students by their yearheads. This contained lots of resources for students to click into if they had a spare. moment. 

Launch of Music Competition

Mental Health and Wellbeing Music Initiative                                                   

A music competition for Post Primary Schools in the NEIC

Four categories:

Category 1: Original Composition

Description of category: Students will record a song or an original piece of music that they have composed. It can be a solo piece or for a group or band.

Category 2: Performance (singing and / or instrumental)

Description of category: Students will sing or perform a piece of music of their choice. All genres of music are allowed.  It can be a solo piece or for a group or band.

Each entrant is asked to submit:

  1. a recording of their musical piece
  2. an A4 word doc. with a 50-word statement explaining ‘How music supports my mental health and well-being’

Each entrant must include the title of the category to which they are submitting an entry.


3 hours studio time in a professional studio

3 music lessons with a professional musician

Deadline for submissions: Friday 5th November

Send recordings in the form of audio files only to maire.ohiggins@lcc.cdetb.ie   087 7690052

Entrants will be invited to a workshop on mental health and wellbeing in Larkin Community College on a date in November 2021