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Christmas Exam Timetables 2020

Our Christmas exams will begin next week. Each year group will have a different start day.

Please note that you will have classes as normal until the first official day of exams for your year group. For example: TY students will have class as normal until Thursday when their exams begin.

Each candidate should note carefully the dates and hours, as fixed on this official timetable, for the examinations in the subjects in which he/she intends to present himself/herself. Candidates are required to be in attendance at least 10 minutes before the examination begins.

Students only attend school for the exams that they are sitting so your start and finish times will vary. Please check which exams you are sitting and take note of the time that you are due to arrive/leave school. Please note that your lunch time might be different to the normal timetable. All students are being asked to study at home during the times that they do not have exams to sit unless they are timetabled for a designated study period.

Please click here to download a copy of the exam rules.

Please click here to download a copy of all the exam timetables.