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News from Week beginning 4th September


On behalf of the Principal and staff of Larkin Community College, welcome to this academic year 2017 - 2018.               
We share the next precious year as a community of skilled, generous and engaged citizens.

We look forward to supporting our students’ dreams for a bright future.                                                           
Teaching and learning creatively, innovatively and mindfully is what we are about.      
Reflecting always on ourselves and on our work informs our progress as individuals and as a school community. We grow together, interdependently and individually.                                                     
Enjoy the journey. See you on the other side...........
‘Work is love made visible’   Kahlil Gibran

We would also like to wish our Chief Executive Carol Hanney and our Director of Schools Denise Kelly, as well as all of the staff in our CDETB Head Office, every good wish for this academic year. 

1. Best of Luck to Jessica Ziu and the Under 17 Irish Team

2. BT Young Scientists and Spin FM